Målfrid Gausel - Baby born doll knitting patterns

New lovely baby outfit
for your doll
in white and pink

Model 0202D RAMONAJacket, romper, bonnet and socks
(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born (Zapf), Hannah (Götz) and Alexander doll)

I always find it exciting to design new baby outfits for your doll.  This outfit is knitted in white and pink. Every time I start knitting a new outfit, I wonder what it will look like when it is finished.

I found this little cable pattern in an old pamphlet from the fifties and thought the pattern would be lovely to use for baby knitting for your doll.

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A beautiful book, so bright and easy to read. I love reading your comments and suggestions. Pictures are wonderful and as usual the patterns are clear and easy to read. Love to be able to go online to see additional pictures of a specific project, what a great idea. So many patterns I want to do, difficult to choose which one to do first. Thank you for this beautiful book. I am enjoying it.                  Kathy Kessler