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Discover the enchanting world of exquisite Norwegian doll knitting patterns,
crafted with love by the renowned designer Målfrid Gausel,
affectionately known as the Queen of Doll Knitting Patterns.

Experience Doll Clothes Couture Like Never Before

Indulge in the art of knitting as you explore our collection of high-quality doll clothes knitting patterns. Each pattern is a masterpiece, meticulously created by Målfrid Gausel herself. With over 50,000 monthly visitors and 250,000 page views from 150 countries, our Doll Knitting Patterns.website is a global hub of doll knitting inspiration.

Tailored for Your Dolls

Målfrid's designs cater to 17"-18" (43-47 cm) dolls such as American Girl and Baby Born. Seamlessly fitting comparable-sized dolls, her creations are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

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New patterns

Launched Juni 2024

0248D Florence

Dress, pants, hairband and socks
Doll Dress
Knitting Pattern

Fits 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll) Click on the picture to view pictures in the Photo Gallery $8,35


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Launched January 2024


Sweater, skirt, tights, hairband and shoes
Doll Sweater Knitting Pattern
Fits 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll) Click on the picture to view pictures in the Photo Gallery $8,35


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Discover Joyful Doll Clothes Knitting: Embrace Creativity and Beauty!

Experience the enchantment of knitting with our delightful doll clothes patterns found within Book 1 and Book 2. Your overwhelming support and requests led even to Book 2, a heartwarming design collection that transcends PDFs. Let's embark on this knitting journey together, fueled by your positivity and our shared love for crafting magic.

Journeying from Dolls to Babies: Enchanting Beginnings

We have a baby knitting pattern webpage.  Some of our gorgeous doll knitting patterns will be offered to you in baby sizes. All our doll knitting subscribers will get the introductory pattern MIO for free.

We proudly unveil our baby knitting pattern webpage expanding our world of creativity. The beauty of our exquisite doll knitting designs now embraces baby sizes, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. As a token of our appreciation, our devoted doll knitting subscribers will receive the enchanting introductory pattern, MIO, absolutely free.

Embrace the wonder as our magic touches the realm of newborns and infants, offering you a tapestry of knitting possibilities. It's a journey where the love for crafting transcends generations. Join us in this new adventure, where tiny stitches hold immense joy.

For our cherished subscribers, MIO awaits – a gateway to the world of cuddly knits for the tiniest of miracles. (See picture below)

Målfrid's Heartfelt InspirationMålfrid's Heartfelt Inspiration

Målfrid's Heartfelt Inspiration

Meet Målfrid, the mastermind behind these enchanting pattern books, whose creative journey is fueled by the boundless love for her grandchildren, Kaja and Tiril. Every stitch, every design springs from the depths of her heart.

Embark on Målfrid Gausel's Doll Knitting Adventure

Step into Målfrid's shoes as you explore her awe-inspiring journey. With five pattern books to her credit, Målfrid has been a celebrated figure in Norwegian doll knitting for decades. Revel in the legacy of her remarkable designs that have graced newspapers, magazines, and events worldwide.

A Glimpse into Her World and her legacy

Marvel at the stunning visuals below, offering a glimpse into the pages of her books. While these treasures are in Norwegian and sold out in print, fear not! Most patterns from these books will gradually grace our website.

Let's take a peek at some of Målfrid's remarkable achievements. Below, you'll find four captivating images that provide just a glimpse of her incredible journey. With a library of five pattern books under her belt, Målfrid has held the spotlight in doll knitting patterns for decades, earning her a cherished spot as a Norwegian celebrity. Her fantastic books have graced newspapers and magazines, capturing hearts with intricate doll knitting patterns. A sought-after speaker at numerous events, Målfrid's passion, designs, and meticulously knitted doll clothes have ignited conversations everywhere.

Embrace the Beauty of Early Creations, -
Unleash the Magic of Målfrid's Creativity, Stitch by Stitch.

Tap into the nostalgic charm of Målfrid's early books by exploring the images below. Please note that these treasures are in Norwegian, offering a glimpse into the legacy that has left an indelible mark on doll knitting enthusiasts.

Click on each photo below to immerse yourself in the beauty showcased within the pages of her books. While the books may be exclusively in Norwegian and the first two editions have flown off the shelves for good, there's exciting news in store! Most of the patterns featured in these beloved books will be gradually unveiled on our website, one exquisite creation at a time.

Baby Knitting Patterns

Baby Knitting Patterns

Get lovely Baby Pattern MIO for free

Wow, I am so very impressed by all your wonderful designs - there is a fantastic variation of styles and all beautifully knit.
I lovely to work with fine yarn too, it's in proportion with the dolls size.  Your pink baby dress is on my todo list - can't wait.
Thank you so much for such beautiful designing. 

I just want to tell you that I love your patterns and am so delighted that you will be publishing a book with your patterns in English.
Also, you are putting on your website patterns from your books that are written in Norwegian. 
Thank you so much for these lovely patterns.  I especially love the patterns for babies as I knit them for premature babies.  You do beautiful work!


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Bok vi strikker dukkeklaer
Strikk koselige klaer
Babystrikk til dukke
Strikk dukkeklaer

Crafting for the Future

While Målfrid's early books remain a nostalgic gem, the designs on our site are accessible to all, written in English, and available for download.

Warm Regards
The Doll Knitting Patterns Team

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