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Thank you for visiting the home of beautiful knitting patterns for high quality doll clothes; the doll-knitting-pattern site.

Hi, my name is Kjell.

My task is to shoot all the photos, publish the patterns, mananage the system and the cooperation with Payloadz (the netshop), send the newsletters to you and ensure the proper functioning of this site..

I am happy to introduce to you Maalfrid Gausel. Maalfrid is a "doll clothes knitting celebrity" in Norway. In fact she is the doll-knitting-Queen of Norway.

She has published five popular knitting books, here are the first four of her books filled with delightful doll clothes knitting patterns, new editions are now reprinted in large numbers, however the three oldest ones are out of print. These books are unfortunately written only in the Norwegian language. For the purpose of this site she will design quite new collections based on traditional Norwegian high quality clothes blended with a more modern style.

Bettina, our German pattern translator

Good day to you.

My name is Bettina, and I am living in Germany, at the border of Black Forest. Here I am staying with my husband, our daughter and 35 tortoises in a little town, with ca. 3000 people in it.

I translate Maalfrid’s knitting patterns from English into German. Every time it is a great fun for me, when Kjell sends an e-mail with a new pattern to me. I love Maalfrid’s knitting patterns, because she is knitting with thin yarns and nice little and easy-to-knit patterns. Therefore the finished little dresses, sweaters and trousers are very pretty and cute; So you want to dress a real baby with these nice clothes. But therefor Maalfrid will design the suitable knitting patterns …

Best regards

Maalfrids corner
Hello and thank you for visiting us.

I am living at the beautiful south-western coast of Norway, near by the town Stavanger. My first name, Målfrid, contains one of the three special Norwegian letters. You pronounce "å" like au in Paul: Maulfrid.

The feedback on my four books has been a little bit overwhelming. I get nice calls from all over the country. It seems like my books bring joy and inspiration to many people.

Since my doll knitting pattern book number four was finished I have been thinking of what to do next. International publishers have asked me to publish my books.

However, one day Kjell called me and asked; "Målfrid, why not spread your doll clothes patterns world wide using the best way to do it; through the internet." Yes, of course, that's an exciting idea. So here I am.

Yarn and knitting, and knitted doll clothes, - have fascinated me as long as I can remember, and through many years I have created a lot of knitting doll clothes models. Designing and knitting give me such joy. My love for colors, texture and fibre is something that has been with me as long as I can remember. I have designed some hundred doll clothes models, and often people ask me how I get it all done. I think one of my keys to success is getting up early in the morning and good time management. However, ideas for new patterns come to me while I'm working on other tasks.

My inspiration comes partly from my love for delightful doll and baby clothes, and

of course from my love for my grandchildren. I am the grandmother of Malin and Karoline, Kaja, Fredrik, Tiril and Mons. Karoline and Malin often visit me bringing their dolls with them, so one day I wanted to refresh old memories and knitting skills.
(To the left; Kaja, Tiril and Fredrik.)

I found my knitting needles and yarn of thin, soft wool and began to knit doll clothes which looked the same as the doll clothes I used for my own dolls as a little girl. The results made the girls very happy! They got new knitted doll clothes for their dolls, and it was always exiting and great fun for them to see what grandma, in a magical way, was able to create with a ball of wool and her knitting needles.

Since then my life, my home, has been filled with knitted doll clothes. So I started, and little by little I have designed many different creations.

From adults who are collecting old dolls I have received many enquiries about knitting models. Many of them have been looking for classic clothes fitting these dolls. Unfortunately it has been difficult to find knitting patterns for doll clothes. I've often had to improvise by adapting baby clothes patterns. Sometimes I've even had to design the patterns myself. Not everyone sees this as an easy thing to do, most people need to use a pattern.

I will focus on American Girl doll and Baby born knitting patterns. The size of those dolls fit a other 18" dolls too.

I look forward presenting my new collection. Some of it will be in a more modern style and some of it in the style of Norwegian and Scandinavian traditions.

Best regards

Doll Knitting Patterns Team