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Model 0201D JONAS JONA - Pants, sweater, cap and socks (This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born (Zapf), Hannah (Götz) and Alexander doll)

I am sure you have by now started looking for something new for your doll.

I have designed pants and cap i grey and yellow together with a sweater and socks knitted in white this time.

Dette mønsteret ble ganske flottI started knitting pants. I knitted a little pattern in grey and yellow and liked it. The pattern looked great so I ended up using it round edges for both the pants and the cap.

Målfrid Gausel
Doll Knitting Patterns 

(Book 1)

A beautiful book, so bright and easy to read. I love reading your comments and suggestions. Pictures are wonderful and as usual the patterns are clear and easy to read. Love to be able to go online to see additional pictures of a specific project, what a great idea. So many patterns I want to do, difficult to choose which one to do first. Thank you for this beautiful book. I am enjoying it.                  Kathy Kessler

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This is the sweetest and most exciting book I’ve ever received I can’t wait to get started on the pattern my granddaughter is going to be so excited to see what she’s going to get for Valentine’s Day and Easter and her birthday thank you so very much      Trudy McCreary