Hi, I am Timmy

Model 0002D TIMMY- Sweater, Pants, Cap and Socks
(This patterns fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll.)

TIMMY is a tough little fellow in light blue and white 

Children love playing different roles. So did Timmy. Timmy was a little friend of mine. On rainy or snowy days, Timmy played inside. On sunny days he loved playing in the garden. On one of those days I recall Timmy playing hospital with some girls and their dolls...

Doll knitting

...they lined the dolls up on a bench, and Timmy would walk up to each one and ask what was wrong. The little girl would pretend she was the mother and tell Timmy what the problem was. 

Yes, today Timmy is a very competent doctor. He helps real people and does very well.

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                                      Regards Målfrid

0002D TIMMY 
Doll clothes for TIMMY! 
Sweater, Pants, Cap and Socks (Lovely knitting pattern for Baby born 18"/45cm doll)
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