Knit this doll knitting sweater masterpiece 
designed by Målfrid Gausel

Dressed in these unique 
and beautiful winter clothes
knitted in lovely warm colors, your doll looks gorgeous. 

Model 0204D ELISABETH Sweater to American Girl doll,  Genser til Baby born, Sweater to Baby born, Pants, cap, shoes, scarf, and mittens
(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born (Zapf), Hannah (Götz) and Alexander doll)

The reason for this pattern is it's has a unique story.

A long time since Elizabeth, who lives in New Zealand, sent me a beautiful picture of a sweater her parents bought for her when she was a child.

When Elizabeth and her sister were small girls, their parents decided to make their dream come true. They had an old van, and together with a couple of other campers (for safety), they left for the adventure, leaving Elizabeth and her sister home along with an older sister and her family.

They traveled from country to country and visited lands in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Their travel round the world lasted for 15 months. When they come back home, they had bought these lovely sweaters for their daughters. They have kept them all these years and loved them a lot.

The pattern is beautiful! However, it was given the small size for a doll. I had to adapt it.  For very long, I have been thinking about how I could use this pattern for my doll knitting?

I knew I could not use the full design, but could I minimize it and still recognize that it was from these sweaters?