Loveliest Babydoll
summer suit for your doll

Model 0113D OLEANA - Dress, Socks and Bonnet
(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like , Baby born)

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We are looking forward to summertime here now! I thought it was a long time since I knitted some baby clothes for my baby doll Oleana so why not do that?

As I was on my way to spend days in St Raphael in France where I find a lot of inspiration for my knitting in the nature, I decided to knit these clothes in cotton. Thinking of France I always ...

... think of the loving fields of lavender.  Beautiful lilac color and a lovely fragrance from the plants, so why not knit the suit in a color remaining me of lavender fields?

A baby is always well dressed in a suit I think.  So why not knit a suit for my doll Oleana this time. One lovely morning sitting in the sun on the terrace in Boulouris, I starting knitting these clothes.  I started with the leg of the suit, soon I had created a little pattern during my knitting for this suit, and in a couple of days, I had a beautiful  ...

(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like , Baby born)

 ... suit finished for my doll.  Then I knitted small socks as belongings and started to think about how to knit a bonnet to go with these clothes.  After thinking of this for a white I knitted the bonnet in white with lilac stripes and finished knitting it, I was quite satisfied with the result.  Home again I bought small white button for the suit!

Today I find my doll Oleana well dressed in these new knitted clothes.  Lovely I think!

I do hope you to will like to knit these clothes for your doll!

Good luck!
Regards Målfrid

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                                      Regards Målfrid

Loveliest Babydoll
summer suit for your doll

 0113D OLEANA - Dress, Socks and Bonnet

(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like , Baby born)

Dress, Socks and Bonnet Loveliest Babydoll
summer suit for your doll (Fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll.)  Click on the picture to view pictures in the Photo Gallery $7.90 

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