Sweet as honey -
 design Carina

A beautiful dress for my best friend, 
my lovely doll Carina

Model 0010D CARINA - Dress, Pants and Socks
(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll)

My lovely little Baby doll, Carina and I are invited to a party.

So I decided to knit Carina her first dress. 
I love ...

Baby doll knitting patterns

... the colors pink and white for a little "Baby girl". Therefore I have chosen these colors and knitted her first dress together with pants and socks. I think the result is great! I hope you too will love the clothes! 

So now ... 

Knitting patterns for dolls

 ... I look forward to go to the party to show everybody how beautiful my Carina is in her new clothes! 

Doll knitting patterns

I also welcome you to become friend on my new Facebook page. On Facebook, I will show more about the ideas and patterns that come in the future. Målfrid

Good luck!
Regards Målfrid

Sweet as honey - design Carina

Model 0010D CARINA - Dress, Pants and Socks

Dress, Pants and Socks
Sweet as honey - design Carina Fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born and Alexander doll.) Click on the picture to view pictures in the Photo Gallery  $7,45

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