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                    The Doll's second Dream Book

The Ever-Popular Dream Book for Dolls:  The Doll Knitting Patterns Book 2 - Unchanging Magic

Our beloved treasure, "The Doll's First Dream Book," Doll Knitting Patterns Book 1, remains a cherished classic, waiting for you here:

Doll Knitting Patterns Book 2 boasts a collection of 19 previously unreleased designs tailored for 18” (43-46 cm) dolls. This includes beloved dolls like Baby born, Baby Annabell (Zapf), American Girl dolls, and Hannah (Götz).

Incorporating years of experience and close communication with our valued customers, Målfrid has meticulously crafted approachable patterns for a wide range of knitting enthusiasts. Each design carries the essence of care and understanding, ensuring your knitting journey is filled with joy and satisfaction.