my beautiful nephew who was born 7 weeks early

by anne hill
(airdrie scotland)

still in hospital

still in hospital

On the 31 march he was born a little to early and gave us all a shock we thought the knitting was done but out came the pins again for even smaller items to be made in a hurry the only patterns we had were for newborns which were the smallest so l had to adapt the all to fit lucky l had a doll nearby for getting measurements the right size thankfully he was a good weight of 4.5 pounds not sure of grammes but for a Prem a good weight but now have the pins out again as his cousin was born early a girl this time and her too is doing well and also a good weight for a Prem baby it must be something in the family to have Prem babies so will have to start collecting these size patterns and sent some into the neonatal units at the local maternity hospital for these small children so that any small baby will have something to keep them warm.

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