The most common abbreviations used in our English / American knitting patterns

approx = approximately
beg= begin & beginning
cont = continue & continuing
dec = decrease(s)/decreasing
inc = increase(s)/increasing
k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kwise = as if to knit
p = purl
p2tog = purl 2 stitches together
rem = remain & remaining
rep = repeat(s) & repeating
rnd(s) = round (s)
Vrnd(s) = round (s)
RS = right side of work

ssk = slip 2 stitches as if to knit them, 1 at a time, then insert left needle through the front of the loops and knit togther

st(s) = stitch(es)
St st = stockinette (or stocking) stitch - stockinette is American, and stocking is British
tbl= through the back of the loop(s)
tog = together
WS = wrong side of work
Yo = yarn over

About crochet instructions !

American/ British equivalents are below

American British

Single crochet double crochet
Slip stitch single crochet

You will find more abbreviations here ..

Re-worked patterns December 2012
A: Re-worked patterns
Due feedback (thank you) we have improved the pattern text. This pertain especially to the American way of writing patterns. We hope that the patterns now will be easier to understand. It will take some time to finish all the patterns. We will continuously give you information here on this page about the progress.

You only need to download the re-worked pattern if you have experienced trouble about understanding the knitting instructions. We are continuously re-working patterns. Until now we have re-worked pattern 0001D - 0030D and 0053D - 0078D.

Now we are working on 0031D - 0040D

All customers will receive the revisited patterns as they are completed

How to get the re-worked version:
0000 Anne was resent to all subscribers April 30. If you subscribed the newsletter and got pattern Anne after April 30. then you got the reworked version.
All other patterns: When you purchased a pattern you got an email with a download link. Use this original download link. The time limit may have expired. If so, you ask for expanded time limit, and as soon as possible you will get it.

Frequently asked questions
Here you will find our answers to the most common asked questions.

B: (You have purchased a pattern
still you have not received any pattern)

1: Question
Too often we receive emails like this one):
"Your patterns look lovely. I ordered several a few weeks ago and have been billed for them. How do I download them? I'm anxious to get started knitting. Thank you, Jackie."
Hi Jackie.
- during the payment process you got access to a download link.
- In addition you also got an automatic email with the download link
I if you did not get this email, there are two possible causes:
- You did a typo in your email address
- The email with the download link got stopped in your internet providers spam filter.

Every month we got emails like the one above; Jackie and others do not get their patterns because all their incoming emails get stopped in their internet providers spam filter.

If you experience this you have to contact your provider.We are not able to do anything about it. We are not able to send you your patterns or information about the problem, because all emails to you get stopped.

C: (Accidentally unsubscribed)

1. Question
I accidentally unsubscribed my name from your mailing list. Please add me back on.
Thank you. Nadine.
Nadine, our newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe at any time. Sometimes when in a hurry, people unconsciously click on this. We are not able to "subscribe you back" in your name, you control this 100%.
So please, repeat the subscribing process, as you did the first time. You may subscribe and unsubscribe at any time you want.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If any problem, please contact us again.
Thank you. Kjell

D: (Can your patterns be modified)

1. Question
Hi, your patterns are beautiful :) I love the 0015 pattern, Lotte and Lasse I believe is the name. My question, can your patterns be modified ie: larger needles, different weight yarn, to fit a baby?
Thanks, Polly
Hi Polly, Nice to hear that you like my patterns. All the patterns are designed for 17" - 18" dolls.
Yes, of course you can knit these clothes in bigger sizes or in thicker yarn. Then you have to measure how large you want it and find out how many more sts you need and also measure the length. If you a trained knitter this should not be so difficult. I wish you good luck! I should like to see you result if you try this!
Best wishes from Maalfrid

2. Question
Your patterns are very beautiful. Do your books contain any patterns or conversions for smaller dolls?
Regard Sienna
Hi Sienna, I am glad you like my patterns. I am sorry that I have no clothes for smaller or larger dolls. I have to keep this size (17inch - 18inch) because that is the size that is used mostly. Anyway it is not difficult to just use a few sts less depending of the doll's size and knit it a little bit shorter! You could may be give it a try!
Good luck! Best regards,Målfrid

E: (On needles)

3. Question
I love your patterns. Are they all done on circular needles because I cannot use them.
Hi Pam,
No, all pattern can be knitted on normal knitting ndls.
To knit it circular you can set sts on 4 stocking ndls. (Coudlepointed ndls). Hope you will enjoy the knitting! Should you have any problems please feel free to ask me!

F: (forwards and backwards)
1. Question
In pattern 0023; what does k backwards mean? Thank you. Carol
Hi Carol,
this mean knit one row. "I have learned now that knit "forwards and backwards" is not the way to explain what we are doing in English and American knitting language.
Here in Norway we say knit forwards and backwards, but I have now realized that you say it like this.
Knit (k) one row.
Purl (p) one row.
This is the same.
Hope this make sense to you! We try to improve and learn all time and appreciate a lot that you ask questions when you do not understand!
Thank you! Regards, Målfrid

H: (what are lice and coudle point? )
1. Question
Hi Kjell -

A couple of other places that don't translate well:
The sweater says "Then one row with lices...." - what are lice?
On the hat pattern it says "Put the sts even on 4 "coudle" pointed ndls"....(Do you mean "double"?)
I am a beginner knitter so I ask - thanks, Judy
We got this answer from our professional translator:

Yes, I'm familiar with the use of "lice" in knitting patterns - and the less attractive little pest to which it refers, though haven't had personal experience with them! :-) There are several names that can be used to refer the type of pattern, and most people who have made Norwegian sweaters know "lice" or "lice stitch" will be describing the single stitch of color spaced several stitches and rows apart.
We have change "coudle" to knitting needle (s)
Regard Therese

I: Explanation to a often used formulation in the patterns?

1. "Knit until work measure 13 cm. Decrease for neckline 6,1,1,1 sts every second row"

"Knit until work measure 13 cm. Cast off 6 sts from the RS. P next row. Then decrease one sts from RS at the beginning of the row every second row 3 times"