by Karen
(Hobart, Tasmania)

I belong to the Mothers Union in Bellerive, Tasmania and we do hospital visits to Mums and babies in hospital,we bring mums a lavender bag, and there choice of a knitted or crochet garment, hat, booties, cardigan, mittens, and blankets.

Unfortunately it is not always a happy time for all parents, who have premmie babies, or Angel babies.

We were asked by the two hospitals we visit, for garments for these little miracles, and also sadly for the ones who don't make it.

So we are always on the look out for a sweet pattern, which is a bit special, much love is put into them, which we hope, passes through to the mums, to know that someone out there does care, from one mum to another.

I had lost 2 babies, one at 3months, one at nearly 5 months in the 70's. Back then you were told to get on with it and dont be such sook, no time to grieve, no one to talk to.

Thank God i was blessed with 3 healthy children, but as a mum you always wonder what they would be like now, and they were still a part of you, and will have a special place in your heart.

I am so glad times have finally changed for the better.

End of last year my partner and I was on our rostered visits to the mums, and it is always such a wonderful experience, having a chat with mums, getting clucky over the babies. It is always such a joyful occasion.

I think God was looking down that day, as when we came to the last one on the list, a young man came out of the room next door and asked what was in our basket of goodies.

We told him we were from Mothers Union,that we come around every thursday, with a gift for mum and baby.

He thought it was wonderful, and asked if we could pop in next door to his wife, as she wasn't on the list,thinking she was tired after delivery, we could let him pick, and he replied no, she would love a visitor.and would enjoy picking it out herself.

So when we came out from our other Mum. There was a big red stop sign on the door, which means not enter.

So knew she had a girl, so was about to leave her something outside the door, when the sister came out, said no it is ok for you to go in, they are waiting for you, then just as we were about to go in, she said by the way, you do know they had a stillborn, nearly broke our hearts.

This ended up one of the most hardest humbling visits we have ever made.

Mum was nursing the baby, she knew it wouldn't survive, as she had too many things wrong with her, They had their family there, also who took in turns to nurse the baby.

For them to open up their hearts to let 2 strangers in at one of the most painful times in their lives, and to share the joy of their little girl. We felt very honoured to be included.

She picked a beautiful crochet pink and white blanket to wrap her in, I wish i had known who had made that blanket, as i would of love to of told them how very special it became.

The blanket in itself was most unusual, as they are always the first thing to go, and here after visiting a dozen or so mum's this pretty pink blanket remained.

I truly believe it was placed in the basket, for a sweet Angel who wasn't even on our visiting list.

We both came out and had a good cry, and realized it is lovely seeing all these happy mums and healthy babies, but it is not the same for everyone.

Since then, We now do a separate knitting and crochet, to take along for the preemie unit.

I have no idea why some babies make it, and some don't, we don't live in a perfect world.

I do know, whether a baby makes it to full term or not, a mothers love will endure for ever more.

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