American Girl Doll knitting patterns

Doll knitting patterns especially designed for
18" American Girl Doll Kirsten

As you may know, American Girl is a doll collection based on girl characters from various time periods of American history. The dolls live through important times in America. Each doll represent a character with her own story and values, and provide a child's perspective of significant events that helped to shape the US. During the last 20 years fourteen million American Girl Dolls have been purchased! I couldn't believe it, but yes, it is true. Through decades American Girl Doll has been a heroine and good friend to a lot of little American girls.

   American Girl Doll
   Kirsten visits Norway     

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Kirsten believe America will be a land filled with opportunity.
After a long journey on a small ship, one of the American Girl Doll characters, Kirsten Larsson arrive in America in the summer of 1854. Everything in the new land is different from the small village Kirsten left behind in Sweden. Proud to be a settler, she starts her new life in America,..and she believe in her father; America will be a land filled with opportunity for them all.

Maulfrid and I have invited Kirsten to visit the Land of her origin, Scandinavia. She arrived a rainy day in November. Maulfrid is eager to design a quite new collection of knitting patterns, all special to fit Kirsten. We plan to create one per month in 2009. We also want to take Kirsten on a Scandinavian trip visiting places typical for her story and character. Of course we are going to take pictures of the cloths with this environment as background. We look forward to this, and we hope you will enjoy it.

Kirsten arrived in time to get her new Nordic Christmas clothes from Maulfrid. (Thanks to Maulfrid, she is the best).

Kirsten; here she is, proud and delightful: