Kirsten Embraces Midsummer Elegance
in Her Radiant 'Forget-Me-Not' Summer Dress

0027D model KIRSTEN: Dress, Pants, Headscarf, Socks and Sweater
(This pattern fits 17" - 18" dolls like American Girl doll, Baby born (Zapf), Hannah (Götz) and Alexander doll)

As the evenings grow brighter..  and some places the night as well...

Kirsten in the flower meadowKirsten in the flower meadow
0027 Kirsten i skumring
0027 Kirsten st hans baal

The days are growing longer, and the warm summer breeze whispers a promise of adventure. It's the perfect time to dress your favorite dolls in light, delightful summer clothes! ✨ Introducing Malfrid's "forget-me-not" doll dress, a charming knitting pattern designed especially for American Girl® Kirsten. This beautiful creation, the seventh in a collection of twelve, will bring a touch of sunshine to your doll's wardrobe.

And the best part? The pattern is adaptable for other 18-inch dolls, allowing you to share the joy with all your friends! Whether you envision Kirsten exploring a fragrant meadow or enjoying a picnic under the summer sky, this versatile dress will inspire endless imaginative play.

So grab your needles, gather your yarn, and unleash your creativity! Finding the perfect pattern is like choosing the ideal spot in a sun-drenched meadow: close enough to soak up the warmth but always leaving room for adventure to bloom.

" her bright and delightful
"forget-me-not" summer dress

Also fit other 17"-18" dolls like Baby born.
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Doll knitting pattern 0027 KIRSTEN: DRESS, PANTS, HEADSCARF, SOCKS, and SWEATER

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