GIFT CARD Affordable Xmas Gifts...
For Friends and Family
Gift Card 5 patterns: 20% discount: - now $33.00
Gift Card 10 patterns: 35% discount - now $ 52.00.
Gift Card 20 patterns: 55% discount - now $ 75.00

You buy a gift certificate in the same way as you buy a pattern. The Gift Certificate, a pdf file, you can download it immediately and easily.

Would you like to give away the gift certificate as a Christmas gift, you can print it or simply send it as an attachment in an e-mail.

The person who receives the gift certificate can just as easily send us an email with information about your name, the email address you used when ordering, and the number and name of patterns wanted. We will immediately send the patterns as an attachment in an email.

To place an order:
Click on a gift certificate below; chose 5, 10 or 20 patterns. You will find the price above.