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Christmas gift

A little red skirt

Newsletter Christmas 2011

Now Christmas Eve is here, we have been looking forward to come together with family and good friends and have a good time. It is just a good time! Dark outside (wintertime in Norway) with a lot of light inside!

Christmas is a time for silence and harmony. It is lovely to relax with a good book or sit down with our knitting projects. I find it easy to relax and gather my thoughts when I am knitting. Often my thoughts go back to my childhood. I remember how fascinated I always was standing there looking at my mother and grandmother when they knitted. It was magic for me to see how they could make nice things whilst knitting and see the yarn disappear.

Today we would like to send a little Christmas greeting to all of you visiting our side. Thank you for showing too much interest and thank you very much for so much good feedback. It means a lot to us. Therefore I have now knitted a little red skirt to go with Christmas greetings from earlier years. I hope you will like this!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love from
Maalfrid og Kjell