American Girl Doll patterns:

Kirsten visit the famous lighthouse Ryvarden wearing a beautiful dark blue sailor outfit

One of Maulfrid Gausel American Girl doll patterns; 0030 KIRSTEN. Dress, Jacket, Hat, Socks and Pant (This pattern also fits other 17"-18" dolls)

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... It is July, it is summer, sun and blue sea...

...Kirsten is on the West Coast and visit their best friend Tiril. They do many things together, the most exciting of all is a visit to the old Ryvarden lighthouse. Ryvarden is located high on a headland, white and fine out to the sea, and one of more than one hundred lighthouses that was a great help to sailors in the old days along the entire coast..

The lighthouse is not far from where Tiril lives, and one day, together with Maulfrid, they go there along an exciting path surrounded with beautiful wild flowers and berries fine.

Ryvarden is a beautiful view (see the two images above from Vestfoto), white and nice against the blue sea. Today, the boats slowly rollng and all is peace and harmony.

Good friends...
...enjoying an amazing day at Ryvarden lighthouse.

                 Regards Tiril, Kirsten og Maulfrid

A visit to Ryvarden is a great experience, particularly exciting is it to stay until the next day.

Kirsten is wearing a beautiful sailor dress with accessories that fit perfectly to the maritime environment here! Isn't she beautiful!.

      Now it is time to knitt
Model 0030 KIRSTEN - Beautiful dark blue sailor outfit      
American Girl doll patterns
0030 design KIRSTEN i juli 0030 design KIRSTEN i juli 0030 design KIRSTEN i juli
0030 design KIRSTEN i juli 0030 design KIRSTEN i juli 0030 design KIRSTEN i juli

Beautiful summer dress -
dark blue sailor outfit

Also fit other 17"-18" dolls like Baby born.
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Doll knitting pattern 0030D KIRSTEN:

Dress, Jacket, Pant, Socks and Hat.
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