Lovely, warm dress in blue for my dear doll ANNETTE, - so simple, pure, innocent,
- however, with details that make it to a masterpiece of jewelry

Doll clothes knitting pattern for: Dress, pant, socks and a little hat. Suitable 17"-18" dolls like Baby born and Chou Chou.

Make this masterpiece of knitting jewelry for your doll, or you children's or grandchildren's doll. Don't you have a doll of your own, you may do as Sandy (down to the left), who is a grandmother to a little girl and bought a Baby Born doll. Place the doll in your living room, and the room becomes an even better place to be.

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0018 design ANNETTE pattern
0018 design ANNETTE pattern
0018 design ANNETTE pattern

Lovely, warm dress in blue for my dear doll ANNETTE         

Also fit other 17"-18" dolls like Baby born.
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Doll knitting pattern 0018 ANNETTE: WARM DRESS (Dress, pant, socks and a little hat

knitted in soft Dale Baby Wool yarn.

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"Thank you so much for helping me with this!
I'm looking forward to making this set,
I've just purchased a Baby Born doll
for my newly arrived Granddaughter
and I want to make a
complete wardrobe for her.
I have a few years to do this!!"

Phyllis, South Africa

"Thank you for a wonderful website!
The dolls and clothing
are very uplifting in
the unsettled times we live in.
Keep up the good work!"
May, Canada

"What beautiful knitting patterns!
I fell in love with the two I purchesed
Thank you for sharing
your talent with us."


"I can not believe
my luck by finding
this wonderful site.
As a grandmother of 6...
5 girls ages,10,9,8,6and 2
Four of the girls recieved
an American doll for Christmas.
I am very excited
by the beautiful outfits.
I am not able to knit well
but this is a good time
to sharpen my skills.
Thank you so much
for the inspiration!!"

Sandy B, New Jersey

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