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Every month this website gets thousands of visitors from more than fifty countries. The great question is: What kind of dolls are out there?

For a while we have used these five different dolls to show the finished, knitted doll clothes: Baby born, Chou Chou, American Girl Doll, Annabell and Molly P.

However, it is important to us to represent our subscribers dolls as good as possible. So let us know which doll you are knitting doll clothes for. (It could be your doll.., or your child's or grandchild's doll.)

Below we have listed our five dolls here: "OUR DOLLS" . Do you find your doll among these dolls, mark it. If not, most likely you will find your doll in the long list below; "Miscellaneous other dolls." Mark your doll. If you not find it there, write the name of your doll and the size of it, length in inches, in the form the the bottom.

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Baby Born - 17" - 18"
Chou Chou - 17" - 18"
American Girl Doll - 18"
Annabell - 18"
Molly P - 18"
Anne Dukke fra 1957 (Doll Anne 1957)
American Girl Bitty Baby - 15"
Apache Teardrop Doll
Ashton Drake 5"
Baby Amore
Baby alive
Baby born little sister
Baby born mini 1/2"
Baby doll 10"
Baby doll 20" - 24"
Baby boy doll 20"
Baby Chou Chou Doll 14"
Baby So Beautiful doll
Bang on the door baby-16"
Barbie large 70 cm / 27"
Berenguer 5" - 36"
Bitty Baby doll
Bitty Bethany Kish
Black baby girl doo 22"
Bleuette reproduction dolls
Bratz 10"
Bylo porcelain reproduction dolls 5" - 7"
Cabbage patch kids dolls (all)
Chatty Cathy 20 "
Dolls by Pauline 9inch
Dora dolls
Effanbee doll - 18"
Emmy 6" - 10"
English Pedigree Doll
Famosa 18"
First love doll
German made doll 1950 22"
Ginny Dolls
Gotz Dolls (Sarah ++)
Haba dolls
Helen Kish 'Chrysalis' 14"
Heubach porcelain 18"
Jenny Doll
Karito Kids
Kader doll
Kitty Collier 18" & 20"
LAERDALS babydukke 50 cm
Lee Middleton dolls
Little Mommy doll 14,5"
Little Teardrop Doll 15"
Madame Alexander Doll
Madeline - 8"
Magic Attic - 18" slender
Mary Hoyer - vintage doll
Maxi Muffin Gotz doll - 16"
Middleton baby dolls
Minino 18"
Monica Peter-Leicht
My Little Baby
My Child Doll
My Twinn 23" - 24"
New born baby 18"
Newborn mii's 7"
Patti Playpal 36"
Porcelain heubach 18" baby doll
Reagan - 19"
Reborn doll
Revlon dolls 10,5" - 20"
Rikke 50 cm
Robert Tonner Betsy McCall
Rosebud Vintage doll
Sandvikendukke 48 - 50 cm
Sasha doll
Springfield collection 18" dolls Stacy
Supersize Barbie 18"
Teddy bear
Thumbelina doll
Tidoo babydoll
Tiny / Timmy tears
Tuesday's Child by Boneka
Yolanda Bello Ashton Drake 1980's 13"
Vogue pattern dolls 18" - Linda Carr
German doll 1959's 22" - baby doll type
German doll 1939 papier mache limbs & cloth body

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