Doll knitting patterns now as Baby knitting patterns.

Now you can knit baby clothes with Målfrid Gausel beautiful design patterns.
We have upsized some of the most popular of the doll knitting patterns.

Baby knitting pattern - sizes 3 (6, 9, 12, 18) months.

Many of you have asked if Målfrid's knitting patterns for dolls are available as baby knitting patterns, in baby sizes. Upscaling the patterns into knitting patterns for babies is time consuming, and Målfrid want to prioritize her time to what she is unique, creating new patterns. Now Therese Chynoweth will translate the patterns into baby size for us. For many years she has been the "pattern expert" at Dale yarn factories.

We have started with these five knitting patterns for babies (below). We use the doll images to illustrate the finished knitted clothes. This means that you can access the many detailed photos to check details of the finished clothes look like.

Which of Målfrid doll patterns you want in baby knitting pattern size?

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American Girl doll
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#0017 Kirsten in January
visiting the Opera house

#0019 Kirsten in February
visiting Holmenkollen Ski jump

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