Art meets Art at Hadeland Glass Work

American Girl Doll Kirsten visiting the glassblowers, -
on that occasion dressed in beautiful clothes with "crowns, pearls and hearts most little girls like!"

Knit doll clothes with Målfrid Gausel design:
Amercian Girl Doll KIRSTEN:
TUNIC, HAIRBAND, PANT, and SHOES.. (Fits 17"-18" dolls like Baby born etc.)

This is Målfrid Gausel's fourth outfit in her collection specifically designed for one of the world's most popular dolls, American Girl, here dedicated to the small, Swedish immigrant girl, Kirsten Larsson.

Here you can take a look at the three first outfits, one for each month;desember, januar og februar.

For almost 250 years ago Hadeland Glass factory was established at the farm named Mo, just in the southern end of the beautiful Randsfjorden. No other company in Norway has been as long in continuous operation. Today, most companies most often are out of business before the first ten years. So in a one-quarter of one thousand years Hadeland Glassverk has without delay provided what the customers want. To begin with, they only produced things of glass of just practical use.

Today, Hadeland Glassverk is creating the most beautiful things of glass. To begin with, it was necessary to obtain expertise from elsewhere in the world. To day, if you want to become a glassblower, you need many years of training and practice. It takes two glassblowers about one hour to create one of the great glass plates you see (below).

Hadeland Glassverk is the third most visited tourist attraction in Norway, about 1/2 million visitors each year, which is ahead of such popular places as the Aquarium and Fløibanen in Bergen, Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, National Gallery and the Kon-Tiki in Oslo.

After one year, Målfrid Gausel's website "every dolls's dream website" has approximately 100 000 visits per year, from fifty different countries worldwide. So what was more natural than to let art meet art at Hadeland glass plant. We took Kirsten with us on a visit to the glassblowers. We hope you will like the pictures (below here).

      American Girl Doll
Kirsten visits Hadeland Glass work      
0022 design KIRSTEN pattern 0022 design KIRSTEN pattern border= 0022 design KIRSTEN pattern

Art meets Art at Hadeland Glass Work         

Also fit other 17"-18" dolls like Baby born.
(Click on the image and view more and bigger images)

Doll knitting pattern 0022 KIRSTEN: TUNIC, HAIRBAND, PANT, and SHOES

knitted in soft Dale Baby Wool yarn.

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#0017 Kirsten in January
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